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A beautiful image says 1000 words.
TinyKiwi helps you create better looking images of your work. Your audience will love them!
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Design pretty much anything

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Beautify screenshots
Social media banners
Open Graph images
Promos & Announcements
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With TinyKiwi you can...

Create pixel-perfect designs with ease

Stop wasting time worrying about the positions and margins of your design elements, and let TinyKiwi's Auto Layout take care of that for you.

Establish your personal brand

Create custom color palettes, background styles, and watermarks so your audience will recognize your content in seconds among the crowd.

Design visuals that will make people stop scrolling

Let your design tell a story. Embed multiple images, annotate with text and maybe throw in some stickers or arrows for visual cues.

Save precious time

Sometimes, you don't want to reinvent the wheel. Or maybe you're looking for inspiration? Choose a template as a starting point from the templates library.

Looking for inspiration?
Start with a template!

Twitter image - Side by Side
OG Image with title & description
PH Gallery image
Twitter analytics
Blog post title

Wall of Love

Jannis Fedoruk-Betschki@JannisBetschki
Awesome editing experience.
managed to do everything within 2-3 minutes.
Since I'm using this tool I get a lot more engagement!
It's the best way to promote our build in public screenshots!
Amrit Rupa@amritrupa
Wanted to change the WallStrank preview image. If I used Canva: 20 mins, decent graphic, Since I used TinyKiwi: 4 mins, beautiful graphic. Handy tool indeed.
Chris Blakey@yekalb
Definitely the easiest tool to quickly generate beautiful screenshots, even on the go on mobile. It just works.
Shruthi Sundaram@Shruthi_O3
I can go in, get my work done in seconds and come out without too much fluff. Would definitely recommend everyone to use!
Amer Sikira@SikiraAmer
I am able to produce beautiful visuals in under 20 secs. And this comes from someone who has 0 knowledge about design.
Aleksandar Balalovski@itsbalal
I've been struggling most of the time with complex tools to create simple images that will represent the content I create more elegantly. Then I discovered TinyKiwi, and the time to create these images shorted 10x.
Imraan Juma@ImraanJuma
Makes my screenshots look way cleaner.
Would defiantly recommend to anyone sharing screenshots in any format.
Justyna Ilczuk@attilczuk
I tried to learn Gimp, but it was too complicated, then I tried Canva, but still editing screenshots there was a pain. Tinykiwi is the best way for me to get great looking screenshots in literally seconds.

Share your work with the world. Beautifully.

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